30 challenging minutes of abdominally targeted exercises, with neither a second nor a muscle spared. Amped Abs combines traditional and innovative movements to hit the transverse, oblique and rectus abdominus muscles. This class will amp up those abs, but it will use your entire body to do so.  TRX EXPERIENCE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.


Think 20 lb Ankle Weights!  A slow paced, combination of squats; mat work; leg lifts, pumps and extensions; hip thrusts; pulses; holds, and more, utilizing tools ranging from ankle weights, to yoga blocks, to resistance bands. The burn in the gluteal muscles, thighs, hips, and legs is immediate and brutal, but the results are a toned sculpted lower body. Bikini Butt Amped will make every minute count for a firmer, tighter, higher, booty-full butt!


While fitness is generally equated to physical skill and strength, training the mind, being able to achieve mental fortitude and attaining mental clarity is an essential element to health and fitness. The benefits of meditation are as varied as the individual that attests to them, and can have emotional, mental, physical, and social effects on you and those around you. Whether you are a beginner, or regular meditator, these sessions will allow you the space and opportunity to experience how meditation can affect your health, fitness and life.


This 75-minute power vinyasa class is deeply rooted in the tradition of Ashtanga yoga, and inspired by the Bikram/Hot Yoga and Baptiste methods. This is a strong practice that focuses on the synchronization of breath and a continuous flow of movement, building heat and improving endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus. This class will keep you engaged and challenged both physically and mentally.


This 30 minute introductory class is offered once a week, and is highly recommended for anyone new to hot pilates! In this class you will learn the principals that guide the P2O Hot Pilates program, and the fundamentals of pilates movements. Emphasis is placed on teaching correct form of traditional exercises and common movements, as well as on explaining the terminology of exercises, positions and modifications. Remember to bring a mat, towel, and water for each class. Rentals are available at the front desk.


Sculpt and tone your body, tap into unknown inner strengths, and improve cardiovascular health with P2O’s Hot Pilates class taught at 95 degrees F with 40% humidity. Hot Pilates is a low-impact, extremely challenging, full-body workout using a combination of Pilates principles, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and Tabata training. This class begins with a grounding period, ends with shavasana, and is filled with movements focusing on breathing, balance, cardio, concentration, muscle development, presence, flexibility, transitions, core strength, overall fitness and fun!


The Hot Pilates Karma Class program allows P2O Instructors-in-Training the opportunity to teach full pilates classes and gives the P2O Family and our community the ability to help an amazing cause. These classes are our traditional Hot Pilates Class, open to members as well as to the public. P2O Members are NOT required to donate but we encourage your help! Non members are charged $8 per class. All donations are given to Make-A-Wish® Northeastern California and Northern Nevada.


Kettlebells class is an intense, cardio and muscle building fusion class created by UFC Fighter and RKC certified Danny Castillo. Using kettlebell and body weight exercises, this class will focus on improving cardiovascular tolerance and fitness, increasing muscle tone, strength and control, boosting metabolism, and increasing flexibility. Attention and instruction will be given to form, coordination, and appropriate power and speed output.


Hot Dyna-lates combines the training elements of Hot Pilates and Dynamax Medicine Balls for a highly efficient, challenging workout! The added element of a weighted medicine ball to traditional pilates movements capitalizes on the toning and stabilizing principles of Hot Pilates: core strength, muscle development, balance, flexibility and interval training. Core strengthening movements, endurance exercises, and cardio series are intensified. Movements that focus on balance integrate greater muscle and core stability with the added, mobile weight.


Come out and join the motivated and encouraging group of P2O runners! Running Group is FREE to all members and nonmembers! Runners of all levels are encouraged to come out and enjoy the city! Distances, times and training sessions may be suggested as part of upcoming event training schedules, but adaptations are made to fit individual goals. Run, jog or walk, the Run Group is dedicated to helping you keep moving. Locations change each week, and can be viewed in the studio, on P2O social media updates, and in weekly emails sent to those subscribed.


The TRX Fusion class incorporates the TRX Rip Trainer into the traditional TRX class for an extremely challenging workout that will improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and coordination. The TRX Rip Trainer utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, balance and coordination. The Rip Trainer allows users to engage in unlimited movements, which enhance fluidity and range of motion, and help to decrease the risk of injury.


30 minutes of slamming, whipping, waving, dragging, pulling, and, in any way possible, moving a piece of equipment which, outside of a gym, would appear quite ordinary.   In working to gracefully move the ropes while maintaining your own stability and speed, you will quickly experience high-intensity, calorie-burning, and muscle-strengthening benefits of these extraordinary workout tools!


Yin yoga is a great counterpart to the other fast-paced high-intensity classes offered at P2O. This softer and more meditative, restorative style of yoga is like a tune-up for athletes as it increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that supports connective tissue health and introspection by holding a series of passive poses for extended periods of time (3-5 minutes). In this class you let go of any tension you are holding in your body, find stillness, and allow gravity to do all the work. The use of props for support is strongly encouraged so that the body can soften beyond the muscle and deep into the joints and fascia. The best part? It is all done by candlelight!

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