I have been doing Hot Pilates in Las Vegas for the past two years. It all started for me after having two kids in two years. Hot Pilates has me back in shape and better than ever!!!

– Susana, Hair Stylist

Las Vegas, NV

I have been taking Hot Pilates classes for almost 4 years. My first Hot Pilates studio was in Las Vegas. I started as a student and believe in it so much now am training to teach. I am planning a move to Sacramento and I am excited about P2O opening!! I love practicing Hot Pilates; it is my absolute favorite!! My body has changed so much. I saw results even in a month and now have a six pack. I recommend it to everyone to try. Its fun and it works.

– Kristina, Hot Pilates Instructor in Training

Las Vegas, NV

I have been a competitive runner for 20 years, but I recently hit a plateau in my running and was unable to see improvements despite continued training. A recent injury sidelined me for several months and while recovering I decided to try out something new. I joined P20 and attended Hot Pilates classes 2-3x/week. When I finally started running again, I immediately noticed a difference. 

– Rachael McMichael, Competitive Runner

Sacramento, CA